Challenged my pre-concepted thinking and I feel empowered to drive change

The Momentum training provided me with great practical insights over myself and the behaviour I tone in certain situations. It challenged my pre-concepted thinking regarding mine and others capabilities and behaviours, which resulted in a sense of liberation and empowerment to take a more proactive role towards life. Roeland was a true coach during my journey in the Momentum training, he established very clear boundaries during the training, enabled my breakthroughs in a personal and considerate manner and promoted cross-learnings amongst the course attendees. I have learned immensely in 4 days and felt that most of the course learnings were easy to implement in my daily work. I highly recommend this course to everybody at any stage of your career and personal life, in order to develop a more conscious understanding of yourself, a proud acceptance of who you are and feel empowered to drive change.

Roeland combines his strong analytical skills with an in-depth knowledge of human behavior

Roeland is a driven and precise professional when it comes to organizational development. He combines his strong analytical skills with an in-depth knowledge of human behavior. He understands the corporate reality and manages to translate psychological concepts in such a way that they become practical tools for improved business results. He is detail oriented and always clarifies why he chooses a specific intervention. This creates a safe and productive learning climate. It is a pleasure working alongside him.

A breakthrough and a new perspective in my life

I met with Roeland at Momentum training which was an impressive life changing event. Before the training I looked at the things way more different than now. This training was a breakthrough for me and brought new perspective in my life both personally and professionally: “All I need is within me”. Roeland is so passionate, strong and knows exactly people needs. I highly recommend the Momentum training and very much appreciated to have Roeland as my coach.

Focus, overcome situations and determine new goals

Roeland is not only highly skilled but also a wonderful peoples person. This combination makes him a great coach with a great program that has helped me to focus, overcome situations and determine new goals again. Roeland and the Momentum training gave me the ‘petrichor’ that I so much needed after a rough year. Would definitely recommend!

Waken up your inner sources

I have enjoyed the Momentum training! It will be an awakening of your inner sources and it will helping you in becoming more of yourself! The  training is well thought through and with Roeland I had an excellent trainer. The training will be confronting at times but will make a life-long impact!

I have all the pieces to complete my puzzle.

I can sincerely recommend Roeland. Roeland is able to help others effectively realising their goals, to bring new perspectives into their lives and to unlock their full potential. He has the strength to make impact creating a setting of trust, openness, honesty and humour. I am grateful that his Momentum training has brought me experiences, insights, lessons and tools which I will treasure and use for the rest of my life; showing that I have all pieces to complete my puzzle.

We are a more effective team for your input.

Roeland, you brought a good perspective to the group and managed the different perspective very effectively. At first, I have to say that the interjections were frustrating, as we were a team very focused on the details and the end goal of achieving something, but this is part of the problem! From my perspective you managed to highlight examples of behaviours well and to build on constructive solutions from these.
I particularly liked the discussion about our teamleader’s role in the team and the role that others played. This helped me to resolve this point about a team without a clear leader. Your perspective and insights were crucial for this. We are a more effective team for your input.

It was tailored-made to fit our needs

Roeland was recently invited as a coach to a newly formed leadership team, and he was GREAT in helping us make head-ways in being more effective individually and collectively. Instead of a conventional teambuilding session, he worked with the team to realise areas that we need to improve right on the spot and applied tips on real-life scenarios. It was tailored-made to fit our needs, and that left a positive effect on the team. 

With his pragmatic approach, flexibility and excellent facilitation, he was a delight to work with and I would be happy to engage with him again!

Because of this training, I took the bold move of quitting my job and follow my feeling.

Last year I took part in the training Momentum. Roeland has a pleasant way of training and spends a lot of individual attention on each participant. He really knew how to get me to take the next step. Roeland created a safe environment in which I completely opened up. The training gave me some great insights in how I was the only one keeping myself back. I also got new tools to change the way I think and act. Writing this review almost half a year later, I can genuinely say I still notice the effects of the training – to me, that says a lot. The location is the finishing touch of the training. The secluded castle gave me some needed peace and quiet, and gave me the time to focus on ‘me’. Because of this training, I took the bold move of quitting my job and follow my feeling. I’m totally happy with the massive switch I made, something I would’ve never done without Momentum.

Thanks for allowing us to open up in a safe environment

I thought it were 2 great days, really solving our issues of the team. Thanks for guiding us, and allowing us to open up in a safe environment, and moderating the discussions. It was impressive to witness your communication skills, and how you were guiding us in the discussions to where you wanted us to be, it was fun seeing how structured your approach was, and how well it worked.