Challenged my pre-concepted thinking and I feel empowered to drive change

The Momentum training provided me with great practical insights over myself and the behaviour I tone in certain situations. It challenged my pre-concepted thinking regarding mine and others capabilities and behaviours, which resulted in a sense of liberation and empowerment to take a more proactive role towards life. Roeland was a true coach during my journey in the Momentum training, he established very clear boundaries during the training, enabled my breakthroughs in a personal and considerate manner and promoted cross-learnings amongst the course attendees. I have learned immensely in 4 days and felt that most of the course learnings were easy to implement in my daily work. I highly recommend this course to everybody at any stage of your career and personal life, in order to develop a more conscious understanding of yourself, a proud acceptance of who you are and feel empowered to drive change.