We are a more effective team for your input.

Roeland, you brought a good perspective to the group and managed the different perspective very effectively. At first, I have to say that the interjections were frustrating, as we were a team very focused on the details and the end goal of achieving something, but this is part of the problem! From my perspective you managed to highlight examples of behaviours well and to build on constructive solutions from these.
I particularly liked the discussion about our teamleader’s role in the team and the role that others played. This helped me to resolve this point about a team without a clear leader. Your perspective and insights were crucial for this. We are a more effective team for your input.

It was tailored-made to fit our needs

Roeland was recently invited as a coach to a newly formed leadership team, and he was GREAT in helping us make head-ways in being more effective individually and collectively. Instead of a conventional teambuilding session, he worked with the team to realise areas that we need to improve right on the spot and applied tips on real-life scenarios. It was tailored-made to fit our needs, and that left a positive effect on the team. 

With his pragmatic approach, flexibility and excellent facilitation, he was a delight to work with and I would be happy to engage with him again!

Thanks for allowing us to open up in a safe environment

I thought it were 2 great days, really solving our issues of the team. Thanks for guiding us, and allowing us to open up in a safe environment, and moderating the discussions. It was impressive to witness your communication skills, and how you were guiding us in the discussions to where you wanted us to be, it was fun seeing how structured your approach was, and how well it worked.

I would recommend Roeland to people or organisations who are ready to be challenged!

I have worked together with Roeland Bemelmans for over 10 years now, and he never ceases to amaze me! He has facilitated several projects within NH Hotel Group ranging from Sales, Leadership, and Team Building sessions to individual coaching. Roeland is an authentic trainer and coach. Due to his genuine approach he is able to connect easily with people and generate impact. What I find most remarkable about Roeland is that what he conveys during his training and coaching sessions, he actually practices himself. I would recommend Roeland to people or organisations who are ready to be challenged!

Roeland made an unbelievable positive impact on our Management Team

Roeland helped our Management Team in an incredibly efficient, professional and immersive way in getting more insight in our team issues. In doing that, he enabled team members to find the solution for themselves instead of merely telling us.

I have no hesitation recommending Roeland.

I worked with Roeland shortly after I had assumed the leadership of the Innovation Center in Ghent. As the new leader for an established team, I wanted to take some time to agree on how we would work together and Roeland was recommended as the facilitator. The event was very successful in relaunching the new leadership team and Roeland was instrumental in this. The preparation using the principles from Lencioni was excellent and provided a great framework for the discussions. His style of leadership through the meeting was insightful and he was not afraid to address the key difficult issues and hold a mirror up to our discussions. We still reference the model and how much we learnt of each other as individuals and continue to build on this awayday. I have no hesitation recommending Roeland for this type of team engagement.

The training had a “Wow!” effect on the team

4 months after go live of a major reorganisation, we wanted to reflect on the journey so far and adjust our plans and ways of working going forward where needed to reach our strategic destination. After focusing in the first months on what  we wanted to achieve, it was time to start focusing on growing the competencies of our new supply chain team to operate together, with one shared team ambition. We focused on the desired behaviors and mindset to successfully collaborate within and beyond the team, and to be highly responsive to customers’ needs.
The journey so far had not been easy for all of us in the team. This transformation asked the team  for adapting to a collective ambition, highlighting the critical need to connect end to end and collaborate to deliver team targets and high effectiveness in service of customers. Beyond, personal trajectories were also impacted by the change of organization and most of the members were reporting to a new manager, which both from the start created some tensions. Prior to the training, Roeland asked us for taking the Lencioni team assessment. Results confirmed there was room for improvement, that we could get a great value of the training.
I wanted myself to make this session a key success for our team on the journey of becoming a high performing team. I knew that I would have to “put my skin in the game”, to create the conditions for growing trust with my team and show the example, to release positive and constructive behaviors. And I did! The training had a “Wow!” effect on the team; beyond being an eye opener on the dynamics within the team, the session offered to shared great moment where everyone showed some vulnerabilities, which in return ignited some authentic behaviors based on trust, and commitment. Of course, after the session, the journey continues, and, using some tools provided in the training, we keep the fantastic momentum created in these both days.
Roeland did an excellent job leading the session and creating the conditions for the “magic” to happen. Of course there was nothing magic in what he does and brings, but preparation, long experience and deep  understanding of people. But the magic was the so-far-unseen behaviors and opening up between the team members during the two-day training session. Definitely that session unlocked a lot of everyone potential!

Extra care and effort is spent on making the good results of the training last long-term.

Besides Roeland’s knowledge on the subjects, he is very well capable of really seeing and recognizing the person and his/her needs in light of the training, regardless of their professional background. This makes a solid training tuned in to the specific needs of the trainees. Extra care and effort is spent on making the good results of the training last long-term.

Roeland gave more than initially asked for.

It’s clear that Roeland has a sincere passion for developing people, which has meant that he gave more than initially asked for. That extra amount of effort was very noticeable during the whole project and left a positive and durable mark on our organisation.

Bring Roeland in, and treat your company to the kind of creative thinking and problem-solving that it most truly deserves.

As trainers who do very similar work in different places, Roeland and I have enjoyed the opportunity on multiple occasions to spend many hours discussing methods and techniques of delivering information & skills to our clients. I’ve found Roeland’s insights and ideas both compelling and fresh. As a professional who is very difficult to impress, I am confident in recommending Roeland’s training and consulting services to any business whose employees aren’t performing at 100% — for any reason. Bring Roeland in, and treat your company to the kind of creative thinking and problem-solving that it most truly deserves.