Waken up your inner sources

I have enjoyed the Momentum training! It will be an awakening of your inner sources and it will helping you in becoming more of yourself! The  training is well thought through and with Roeland I had an excellent trainer. The training will be confronting at times but will make a life-long impact!

Roeland made an unbelievable positive impact on our Management Team

Roeland helped our Management Team in an incredibly efficient, professional and immersive way in getting more insight in our team issues. In doing that, he enabled team members to find the solution for themselves instead of merely telling us.

This training changed my life

I participated in the life-changing training ‘Momentum’ and experienced first-hand how Roeland is an experienced trainer who exudes both calmness and strength. He is passionate, fully focussed and uses a lot of humor. The training gave me insights which sparked a great deal of personal change and that’s why I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

His keen knowledge accelerated my time to market as well as landing clients.

Roeland helped jump start my newest venture. I was motivated and knowledgable- however what Roeland did was direct my efforts and coached me every step of the way. His keen knowledge of the human psyche combined with entrepreneurial and business strategy accelerated my time to market as well as landing clients.