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Lencioni Team Test

You are invited to benchmark your team.

With this Lencioni Team Test you will discover how your team performs on the 5 fundamentals benchmarked against high-performing teams, according to organisational advisor Patrick Lencioni.

This Team Test helps you discover the biggest strengths and obstacles within your team.

Good luck with your Team Test.
In this Lencioni Team Test you will be shown 38 statements about your team.

You will be given three possible answers: 'Rarely', 'Sometimes' and 'Mostly’.

Select one of them by clicking on the answer to advance to the next question.

After answering all questions at the end there will be a scoring: 5 numbers.

These 5 numbers represent your individual perspective on the 5 fundaments of your team.
You will have direct access to this profile at the end of this Team test.

1 number per fundament and a visual representation in the form of a pyramid.

Please make sure that you note these numbers or make a copy of the pyramid by a print screen.

Your trainer will ask for your scoring by email.

Using your scoring and that of your team-members we calculate your personal team profile. Your team profile will be shared and discussed later in teambuilding.

Be ready to do the test now, uninterrupted for about 10 minutes.

If you want to you can interpret your Team Test scoring after the test, with a brief explanation about the meaning of your results.

Good luck with your Team Test.

In the pyramid above you see how your team scores on the 5 fundamentals of Lencioni, based on your perspective.

The colors red, orange and green provide you with direct feedback on where you see room for improvement for the team per fundament.

These fundamentals are interdependent: when one area is critical, it effects every other aspect of your team performance.

Please write down your scores now and subsequently email them to

We will calculate the team scores for all your teammembers and share these during the teambuilding.

You can learn more about your scores on the next page.

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